Terms & Conditions

I agree to the following terms and conditions:

To post and be a member of the LUUK-Club you must be at leat 18 years old

All texts must be in ENGLISH language

Each user is resposible for his advertise and content

Each AD in each category only one time

All pictures/photos must have copyright by the publisher

If you place an advertising from someone else, make sure to have the permission for it

Forbidden are offers with the following content:
– racist and extremist material
– Pornographic material
– Violent material
– Weapon offers
– Politikal material
– Insults, insults, swearing, swear words
– Texts, photos and videos with violation of personal rights
– Private donations
– Partnership inquiries / tenders or similar offers
– Views for liking for contests or promotions of all kinds
– Offering all kind of animals
– Offering all kind of medicin (herbal is allowed)
– Placing advertising for other classified pages

In any case the LUUK-Club reserves the right to decide on a publication