Frequently Asked Questions

Can I post my AD several times?

Yes, but in each category only one time!

Some postings can belong in 2 or 3 categories, so it is allowed to post it in each of those categories.

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I submit my AD already, but why it is not showing up?

We have to review all ADs before they are published,
it depends of the traffic and the time of the day, so it can take some hours.

Same will happen after you edit it new.

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Why my email is not showing up beside my advertising?

That is for your security, to protect you for scammers,
only LUUK-Members (must be log-in) can see your email.

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How many days after expiration the AD must be renewed?

You have 15 days for this, after that it will go in to the trash.

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How many pictures can I upload?

max. 6 pictures are possible.

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Do I have to fill up that field for the price?

No, it is up to you, same with other fields,
but it is very helpful when you place an AD to set also a price,
so the customer can search by price.

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Can I renew my advertising really for free?

Yes, that is one of our gooddies, as often as you like – and FOR FREE!

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How I know about my advertising is finished?

You will receive an email about this.

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How long my advertising is running?

Your AD is running 100 days

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